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Albania Visa


Albania Visa - Get visa for Albania online |
Processing Time (10-15 Working days Days after submission)

Tourist Visa (Visa Type “C” - Short Stay Visa)

Processing time Stay period Validity Entry Fee
10-15 Working days Until valid visa 6 Months Multiple Entry INR 4,399/-

Business Visa (Visa Type “C” - Short Stay Visa)

Processing time Stay period Validity Entry Fee
10-15 Working days Until valid visa 6 Months Multiple Entry INR 4,399/-

Documents required for Albania Visa

  • Original Passport with at least 6 months validity and minimum 3 blank pages + all old passports if any
  • 2 Scanned recent colour photograph.view image 
  • Visa Application forms: completed and signed
  • Personal Covering letter: explaining purpose of travel to the country
  • Original Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 3 months with bank seal
  • Air tickets: proof of return flight tickets from and back to your home country
  • Hotel reservation: proof of accommodation for your entire stay
  • Travel Itinerary: day-wise plan outlining all elements of the trip


Supporting documents as per your occupation, type of visit:

    • 1. If Employed:

      • Leave Sanctioned Certificate: with company seal providing approval for leave
      • Salary Slips: of last 3 months

      2.If Self Employed:

      • Business Proof: Registration License/MOA/Partnership deed
      • Company Bank Statement: stamped & updated for last 6 months with bank seal
      • Company’s Income Tax Returns: of last 3 years

      3. If Retired:

      • Retirement Proof: pension book, statement etc

      4. If Student

      • ID Card: from school, college or institute

      5. If Minor

      • Birth Certificate showing the names of both parents
      • Legalized Letter of Consent (NOC)
      • If the child is travelling with one parent, the letter of consent authorizing travel must be legalized by the other parent
      • If the child is travelling alone or without either parent, a notarized letter of consent from both parents permitting travel
      • Death Certificate: in case one or both parents are deceased
      • ID Proof: of parents

      6. If Visiting friend or relative

      • Invitation letter: stating the relationship with the inviter and purpose of visiting the country & assuring the responsibility for housing and related expenses during the guest's stay in Algeria
      • ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit
      • Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill

      7. If Sponsored

      • Sponsorship Letter: providing the name of the visitors, what the purpose of the visit is, relationship with the visitors, length of stay, dates of travel & any other additional information if necessary
      • ID Proof of Inviter: Passport or Resident Permit
      • Address Proof of Inviter: Utility bill
      • Proof of Financial Support: updated bank statement, pay slips

      8. For Business Visa

      Introduction/ recommendation letter from:

      Registration certificate of the company from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India:

      • One of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries, government of India;
      • Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India;
      • Export Promotion Council of India; or Reference number from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan.
      • Income tax documents of the last three years;
      • Letter from the company addressed to the embassy, introducing the business man for visa issuance;
      • Invitation letter from the local partner or prospect local partner company in Afghanistan;
      • Copy of the license (JAWAZ) of the local partner or prospect local partner company in Afghanistan.
      • *Note: The Embassy/Consul General has the right to ask for additional information or documents and request a personal interview with the applicant.


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FAQ of Albania Visas

Do I need visa for Albania from India?

Yes. Indian citizens require a visa prior to enter the Republic of Albania. Albania visas must be obtained from the Embassy of Albania in India. The type of visa to enter Albania will depend on several factors such as purpose of your planned visit and duration.

Is there any visa exemption for Indians?

Indian nationals can enter and stay in the Republic of Albania for up to 90 days to 180 days without a an Albania visa if:
1.They have a valid multiple entry Schengen visa, with the condition that the visa issued must have been used previously in one of the countries of the Schengen area or persons have a valid residence permit in one of the countries of the Schengen area;
2. They have a valid multiple entry visa or a valid residence permit issued by the United States of America, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with the condition that visa issued must have been used previously in the country issued;
3. Who can enter and stay in the Schengen states without a visa.

What is the validity of an Albania visa for Indians?

Short stay visa is issued to foreign nationals that wish to enter the Republic of Albania, are entitled to stay for a maximum period of 90 days out of a 180-day period, from their date of first entry. This visa type is issued with one, two or multiple entries.

What are the types of Albaniavisa for Indians?

Albania Tourist Visa: It is a visa which is issued to persons intending to enter Albania for tourism, sightseeing, leisure or visiting relatives and friends.
Albania Business Visa: This visa is issued for a short visit to conduct conferences, trainings, discussions, seminars, negotiations, and/or any other commercial activities, but not to take up employment.>
Albania Transit Visa: Transit visa allows a visitors to travel across or through Albania on way to another country. The visa is issued for a limited period and the applicant of this visa must provide proof of a Visa of the destination country and/or onward ticket.
Albania Student Visa: Student visa is granted to Indian nationals who are enrolled at qualified educational institutions. This Visa may be issued for a specific period of time.

How long does it take to get an Albania visa for Indians?

Albania Visa application is normally processed within 15 working days and in exceptional cases may take up to 30 days.

What are the eligibility criteria for an Albania visa application?

To enable the authorities to process your application, you must clearly state:

  • why are you visiting Albania
  • How long you intend to stay in Albania
  • How will you support yourself during your time in Albania
  • What is the purpose of your visit to Albania
  • Type of passport you hold and for how long it is valid
  • Where do you intend to travel following your visit to Albania
  • If you have a permit to enter the country you intend to travel to after your stay in Albania

How can I apply for an Albania visa online?

It is a straightforward and effortless process to apply for an Albania visa online through chillontrip:

  • Choose your preferred type of Albania visa based on your travel type
  • Pay online &submit documents through our pick up & drop service
  • We verify, process and submit your documents online to the Consul/Embassy
  • After acceptance of online application, personally visit the Embassy of Albania for submission of physical documents
  • Receive your Albania visa once approved

Do I need to visit the Embassy for submission of Albania Visa application?

Yes, applicants are required to personally visit the Embassy. The application process is carried out online. The initial application process will be carried out by our Visa Experts, which includes verifying the documents, filling the application form, attaching all documents, and submitting it online.If the application meets all the requirements, our Visa Experts will then pay the visa fee. If the visa application is approved, the Consul requests the presence of the applicant. Applications by mail will not be accepted nor are travel agents authorized to submit applications on behalf of the applicant.
(Please Note: You must make sure that you bring your passport, all original documents uploaded for the application, the printed and signed application form and the original invoice of payment)

Which are the necessary documents required to be presented on arrival in Albania?

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry.
  • Valid Albania visa
  • Boarding Pas
  • Return ticket to your country or next destination
  • Accommodation proof or invitation letter for family visits
  • Sufficient funds to cover your stay in Albania (cash, debit/credit card etc)
  • Detailed itinerary of your trip
  • Documents relating to business trip (invitation letter, business card etc)

Note: It should be noted that the possession of Visa is not a final authority to enter the Republic of Albania. The Immigration Officer at the Entry point may refuse a holder of visa to enter, if he is satisfied that the holder is unable to fulfil Immigration entry requirements or if the presence of such person or visitors in the Republic of Albania would be contrary to the National Interests.

What is the Albania visa photo size requirement?

The Albania visa photo must meet the requirements described below. If not, the application will be delayed until you provide correct photos.

  • Photo must be 45 mm X 35 mm in size
  • The face should cover 80% of the photo
  • In colour. White and black photo won’t be accepted
  • Taken against a plain white background
  • Taken within the last 3 months
  • Your head should face the camera directly. It should not be tilted or turned, even slightly
  • The head must be centred in the image. You must look directly at the camera and show your full face
  • Do not wear sunglasses or tinted/coloured glasses. If you normally wear glasses, your eyes must be clearly visible in the photo
  • The photo must be different from the passport photo.

What is the relationship between the validity of an Albania Visa, number of entries and duration of stay?

  • Validity of an Albania Visa refers to the period within which the visa holder is allowed to enter Albania.
  • The number of entries refers to the number of times the visa holder is permitted to enter Albania within the visa’s validity. One must carefully note what kind of entry is permitted. If the visa reads a single entry, its holder can only enter and leave Albania only once. Whereas, with multiple entries, he/she can enter or leave more than once within the visa validity.
  • Duration of stay refers to the longest period the visa holder is allowed to stay in Albania on each visit, and this is counted from the day following entry into Albania.
  • When all the permitted entries are used up, the visa will no longer be valid. Even if there are unused entries, the visa will no longer be valid if the validity has already expired. In either case, the visa holder should apply for a new visa if another visit to Albania is planned.
  • The holder of a visa is eligible to enter Albania at any time prior to the expiry of its validity provided that permitted entries on the visa have not been used up; the holder’s planned duration of stay in Albania must not exceed the duration stated on the visa.

Are there any chances of my Albania visa application getting rejected?

Yes. Like other country visas, your visa application for Albania can be rejected for a number of reasons. The most common Albania visa rejection reasons are:

  • Invalid and damaged Passport
  • Incomplete Visa Application form
  • Applied Wrong visa category
  • Current Albania visa still valid
  • Incomplete documents submitted
  • Intention of returning to home country not clear
  • Purpose of travel not clear
  • Insufficient bank balance
  • Criminal history
  • After refusal of a visa, the applicant has the right to reapply only after the appeal’s procedure has ended or after three months from the date of receiving the decision.

How can I avoid anAlbania Visa Rejection?

While there may be many more reasons for anAlbania visa refusal, the most common reasons are mentioned above.
If you hope of getting that refusal overturned, or a second application approved or above all just get the Albania Tourist/Business visa successfully in the first attempt itself, here are some of the things that you can do to avoid a Albania visa rejection:

  • Make sure your passport meets the standard requirements for applying for Albania visa online
  • It is really important that you provide all the documents required for your application. Different visa categories require several supporting documents, so it is important to make sure your application is specific to you, and that nothing is missed out.
  • Be clear on your purpose of visit. If travelling for tourist purpose; specify that and submit documents supporting your Albania tourist visa application. Similarly, vice-versa for Albania business visa.
  • Apply for the correct visa category.
  • Make sure that your previous visa is not valid before applying for a new Albania visa.
  • Submit confirmed return tickets as an assurance that you will return back to your home country & your purpose of travel is temporary.
  • Seek assistance from a reliable travel agent to process your application smoothly without any hiccups. They are professionals who have the right training and knowledge to guide you correctly.

What happens if I overstay the Albania Visa?

You will be liable to pay a heavy penalty for overstaying the Albania visa. Applicants must take careful note of the validity of their visa and make sure not to overstay, as anyone in breach of the immigration act may be prosecuted and subject to a term of imprisonment or fine or both and also face a ban from entering Albania

Can I get the best Albania Visa offers and discounts from chillontrip?

Yes. Save money, time and energy with our attractive discounts, offers and deals on Albania visas.

Do I need travel or medical insurance plan?

Travel medical insurance with minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR is one of the mandatoryAlbania visa requirements. The insurance should cover all the Schengen countries as well.chillontrip can also assist you in choosing the perfect travel or medical insurance policy to protect you against unforeseen medical or travel emergencies

Are you still having doubts about the Albania Visa process?

Please feel free to contact us for all your Albania Visa worries. We have you covered across India with presence in all the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and many more.
Important Notice: The information provided here are subject to change without prior notice. For confirmation on visa requirements and fees, you may consult with the Albania Embassy or Consulate near you.


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Simple Steps

Simple steps to get a Albania Visa:

chillontrip has been a part of more than one million travel dreams. We offer quick and hassle-free Albania visa assistance. With a highly professional and dedicated team of Visa Experts, we are here to cater to all your Albania visa application requirements.

Throughout your visa process, you will have a dedicated visa expert handling your application.

Here are the steps to apply for an Albania Visa through chillontrip:
Step 1: Contact our Visa Expert with your travel plans and gather all the visa information and requirements.
Step 2: : Pay your Albania visa fee online and get your documents picked by us from your home or office.
Step 3: Our Visa Expert will verify, process and submit your application to the Embassy.
Step 4: Youpersonally visit the Embassy of Albania in New Delhi to submit physical documents as part of the Albania visa process
Step 5: Receive your AlbaniaVisa.